We've had several people tell us, "Thank you for opening in my neighborhood!" I cannot think of a better compliment. When we set out to start our first business, we had in mind a French-Creole bistro tucked away in a neighborhood, just like the ones we enjoyed dining in for years in New Orleans.

French Grocery has been an evolution in concept, but one ideal has remained the same: we need to belong to a community, a foundation of support from regulars and neighbors who feel like French Grocery belongs to them. It is so wonderful to get to know those of you who stop in so frequently, and we are honored to be cooking for your family table.

Tomorrow, Tuesday July 9th, we are introducing a menu of dinner-to-go soups, salads, entrees and sides. We expect this will generate plenty of attention on day one, but we are even more excited about our plans to grow the menu and tailor it to what our neighbors and regulars enjoy.

We're still a mom and pop, but we can tell already our customers are challenging us to be more ambitious. We'll be in a constant state of growth for the foreseeable future, and we hope you will enjoy all that we are now, and all that we will become. 


Kevin, Erin & Melissa


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